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Vintage style real copper patina 4 tiles

Dimension & Prices

17.72 x 17.72 inches$299

Avaiable Instalation Methods

GlueGlueWith mountage glue (glue not included)
StickStickWith double sided mounting tape (by request)
Tile mortarTile mortarLike a regular ceramic tile (you can use any tile adhesive)

Vintage style real copper patina backsplash tiles

Available in 1 total size:
Total size: 17.72 inches x 17.72 inches (45 cm x 45 cm)


17 tiles – 1.97 inches x 1.97 inches (5cm x 5cm)
20 tiles – 3.93 inches x 1.97 inches (10cm x 5cm)
8 tiles – 5.90 inches x 1.97 inches (15cm x 5cm)

All my tiles are made of 100% real copper, stainless steel or brass. It is not painted plastic or other copper-colored material that you can see from other manufacturers.


Customer Reviews

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warrie66 – July 22, 2024

Professional service, fast delivery, beautiful tiles.

oasisland – July 22, 2024

Our outdoor kitchen has been greatly improved with these copper tiles. They are weather resistant and absolutely stunning. The fast delivery is a big plus, we thought we would wait longer.

Avvie – July 11, 2024

My kitchen has taken on a new character with handmade copper backsplash tiles. I see in them craftsmanship and attention to detail, and their warm glow adds coziness and elegance to the interior. This is a very practical solution and a real work of functional art!

Laura – July 10, 2024

Excellent product, beautifully made.

cherries989 – July 8, 2024

Everything great, the tiles arrived on time, very well protected. They are wonderful, the colors totally captivate me.

bookers – July 4, 2024

This is amazing. Came on time. Would definitely purchase from this Seller again.

m.artmint – July 3, 2024

Full delight overwhelmed our whole family after the installation of these fantastic tiles! You can see the artistic soul and hand. Great work.

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