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Answers to some common questions

What are the tiles made of?

The tiles are made of 100% copper. We can use also different kinds of metals such as brass or stainless steel

What are the tiles covered with?

The tiles are covered with patina – a protective liner against corrosion and another side effects which metals are exposed to. In some cases, copper can turn green. This process is natural and it might be avoided by adding acrylic finish on the top of the metal. However, UV sun exposure will break down the finish after some time. This is why we don’t recommend acrylic topping.

Can I order tile (or tiles) in a custom size?

Yes, of course. Customers decide about the sizes of the tiles I make. Please contact me and specify which size would satisfy you.

What’s the average lead time?

All of my art pieces are handmade and custom, therefore the lead time may be 7 up to 17 days. In exceptional circumstances (i.e. very large, customized tile) the waiting time can be even longer. The customer will be informed about the extended lead time right away.

Can you create custom-designed pieces?

Yes. My experience qualifies me to embody custom designs. I can make any pattern which my customer would like. Moreover, I can change/add a writing (for instance an important date, name or something sentimental, personal). Should you be interested in a custom-designed piece, please contact me directly so that we can discuss the details