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About Us


I have spent half of my (working) life designing and improving everyday objects. People used to find them useful, so I decided to come up with an idea of making metal wall tiles with artistic spirit. I presumed that they would be copper tiles because this metal has occupied an important place in humankind history for centuries. Copper has also fascinated me as metal useful in interior design, especially as material for kitchen wall decoration. Over time, I decided that it would be worth expanding the offer to include materials such as stainless steel and brass.

I started as a small craft workshop and over time I expanded my market reach, which now covers Europe and North America. How did this happen?

I always try to meet the expectations of my clients so I regularly introduce new types of products and improve existing ones. For example some customers used to ask about copper with patina so I added patina tiles to my offer. Another group of customers was asking about metal tile backsplashes because they’d become a popular trend in kitchen decor. So I expanded the product range with a lot of new designs and motifs that would meet the diverse expectations of customers. For example copper and brass tiles are a great way to create subtle and elegant surroundings. On the other hand stainless steel tiles have their admirers because they brighten rooms.

I would like to invite you to my shop with metal wall art where you can order handmade products representing the European tradition of craftsmanship. All of them are made of 100% copper, brass or stainless steel. There are many beautiful copper, steel and brass tile sets in my online shop Copper & Craft waiting for a free place on Your walls. You can order a single tile or set of tiles to install as a composition. I am offering products in a few sizes, tiles with patina or shiny ones. Every single tile or set is available as copper, brass or stainless steel version.