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Set of Handmade copper celtic tiles

Avaiable Instalation Methods

GlueGlueWith mountage glue (glue not included)
StickStickWith double sided mounting tape (by request)
Tile mortarTile mortarLike a regular ceramic tile (you can use any tile adhesive)

Set of Handmade copper celtic tiles

Each tile is 3.93 inch x 3.93 inch (10 cm x 10 cm)

While making an order, please use the numbers or the names of the tiles you would like to purchase. Please find the names below:

1. Cupcake
2. Spade
3. Ornamental
4. Celtic square
5. Celtic circle
6. Celtic triangle
7. Celtic mess
8. Celtic cross
9. Owl
10. Sun
11. Grapes
12. Gingerbread
13. Star
14. Pineapple
16. Dollar



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Sophia North – December 21, 2022

It is well worth the wait. Beautiful craftsmanship. Leon was amazing responsive to all my questions. Highly recommend!????????

Ivone – June 9, 2020

Amazing set. Excellent customer service and the tile was delivered in perfect shape.

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